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Shin and the Sefirot

Posted by Amy Gold on

The Shin is the twenty first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It's a powerful letter that not only starts the famous word, Shalom, but also has many connotations when it comes to the sefirot on the Tree of Life itself. First off, it's design resembles that of a crown, an ode to the creator and the Keter sefirot which represents a direct access point to divine connection. 

The lines of the Shin are often interpreted as corresponding to the sefirot. For example, when it comes to the realm of the intellect, we can read the lines as directly related to inspiration (Chochmah - right), Understanding (Binah - left) and Knowledge (Daas - center).

Similarly, the Shin can represent the emotional realm. Kindness (Chesed - right), Discipline (Gevurah - left), Beauty (Tiferet - middle).

Numerically, the Shin has a value of 300, representing perfection. It is also interpreted that each line reflects unwavering perfection when it comes to thought, speech and action. The Shin is a beautiful Hebrew letter that not only reflects the magic of the sefirot on the Tree of Life, but also inspires us to integrate our intellectual and emotional natures into the material world. 


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